How do you find that prized gem that makes an ordinary event extraordinary?

When Pivotal Events began work on the annual meeting of the Professional Coaches & Mentors Association (PCMA), we inherited a hotel best described as underwhelming. The banquets department was a masterpiece of mismanagement. Our AV technicians were constantly disappearing. And the hotel staff couldn't follow the most basic room set-up or catering-related instructions.

Nevertheless, we stayed one step ahead - and no one suspected a thing. But we didn't stop there. We asked the general manager to tour the property with us so that he could share our experience directly. We then asked for a discount. Although it took a few extra weeks of negotiation, Pivotal Events not only secured a $15,000 refund, but the general manager offered our client pay-for-performance pricing for the following year.

At Pivotal Events, we understand that the true success of an event happens not at one point in time, but on a continuum. From initial concept development to long after the final goodbye, we think "outside the event," scrutinizing every opportunity for potential hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered, brought to light, and polished to a bright shine.

Pivotal Events has the unique ability to scan the landscape to turn what may have resulted in disaster into an overwhelming success!

While all of our constituents were delighted with the conference, Pivotal's true creativity was reflected in our bottom line results.

Frumi Rachel Barr, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Past President, PCMA
Author and Executive Coach
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