If charged with organizing every aspect of a multi-day, multifaceted event from inception to completion, how would you craft the perfect composition without a single note out of tune?

In taking on a large-scale conference for the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), Pivotal Events was tasked with coordinating 225 speakers, registering 800 attendees, securing 100 sponsors, creating 25 pieces of marketing collateral, and organizing two gala dinners and a dozen offsite excursions.

We created a 50-page operating plan and a 200-line-item budget that became our sheet music for the event. We then leveraged innovative solutions to handle the myriad details involved in a project of this scope, including a web-based registration system, consistently branded materials to reinforce the conference identity while minimizing design costs, and a standardized speaker application process that streamlined the process for all involved.

At Pivotal Events, we understand that the tiniest detail can have a tremendous impact on an event's success. From the most prominent melody down to the faintest note, as composers of the scores we play, Pivotal Events makes music that inspires.

Tracy Kwiker, the President of Pivotal Events, is one of the most competent individuals I have ever encountered.

When faced with even the most difficult and most complex challenges in organizing our very large conference, Tracy and the entire Pivotal staff consistently exceeded expectations.

Gerold W. Libby
IPBA Conference Chairman
Partner, Holland & Knight LLP
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