Emergency Preparedness for Event Planners Symposium
BizBash Media
Los Angeles, California

The BizBash Emergency Preparedness for Event Planners Symposium featured a panel of experts who tackled how to prepare for and successfully address personal emergencies, natural and manmade disasters, security issues, and transportation crises. Pivotal Events was engaged as the executive producer responsible for securing the speaker resources, coordinating the venue and vendor logistics, developing the marketing materials, creating the event signage, facilitating on-site registration, and securing and managing more than 20 volunteers.

BizBash Media reported on this event and published an article, Emergency Preparedness Panelists Stress Early, Detailed Security Measures, on its website in November, 2008.

Please find below a sampling of the materials produced on behalf of BizBash Media.

Emergency Preparedness Reference Materials
Emergency Preparedness PowerPoint Presentation
HTML Marketing Email - Version 1
HTML Marketing Email - Version 2

Please find below a sampling of video clips of the presentation.

Medical Preparation for an Event
The Pitfalls of Communicating with Local EMS
The Rise of Event Medicine as a Niche
What to do with an Allergy Emergency?

What to Prepare for?
Who to Hire to Help with Medical Preparedness?

BizBash is thrilled that Pivotal Events agreed to produce the “Emergency Preparedness for Event Planners Symposium”. The quality and prominence of the speaker resources secured by Pivotal Events afforded BizBash the opportunity to provide a truly invaluable educational service to the Los Angeles events community.

David Adler
Chief Executive Producer
BizBash Media
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